e●lpless women who crouched under the hovels■ of Fort Caroline! The fort was in a rui■nous state, with the palisade on●

the water side broken down, and■ three breaches in the rampart. In ●the driving rain, urged by the sick Laudonni■ere, th

e men, bedrenched and disheartened,● labored as they could to strengthen their d■efences. Their muster-roll shows bu■t a

beggarly array. "Now," says Laudonniere,● "let them which have bene bold t●o say that I had men ynough left me, so ■that

I had meanes to defend m■y selfe, give care a little now● vnto mee, and if they have ●eyes in their heads, let them see w

●hat men I had." Of Ribaut's followers le●ft at the fort, only nine or ten had wea●pons, while only two or three kn■ew h

ow to use them. Four of them were boys, w●ho kept Ribaut's dogs, and another

was his cook.■ Besides these, he had left a brewer, an● old crossbow-maker, two shoemakers, a playe●r on the spinet, four valets, a carpenter of● threescore,—Challeux, no doubt, ■who has left us the story of his woes,■—with a crow

d of women, children, and eight■y-six camp-followers. To these were added the■ remnant of Laudonniere's men,● of whom sev

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enteen could bear arms, the re●st being sick or disabled by wounds re●ceived in the fight with Outina. ● Laudonniere divi

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ded his force, suc●h as it was, into two watche■s, over which he placed two offic■ers, Saint Cler and La Vigne, gave them

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l■anterns for going the rounds, and an hou●r-glass for setting the time; wh●ile he himself, giddy with weakness a●nd fe

ver, was every night at the guard-room. I●t was the night of the nineteenth of Septem■ber, th

e season of tempests; floods■ of rain drenched the sentries on the r■ampart, and, as day dawne

d on t●he dripping barracks and deluged par■ade, the storm increased in violence. What en■emy

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